When you’re looking into getting a wood burning stove, one of the questions (if not the first and the foremost) that may spring to mind is how much heat can you be reasonably expected to get from it. The answer is somewhat less than straightforward. Of course, a lot of the answer depends on your home itself – as each and every home is different, then a wood burning stove will have to compensate for losses of heat in each and every home.

However, manufacturers sell wood burning stoves as individual appliances which are designed to provide a cosy environment in a single room. Of course, some stoves are capable of heating entire houses (or a good part of one!)  but generally, manufacturers like to design stoves on a per room basis. As you’re looking at getting a wood burning stove, you’ll want to measure the space of your room in cubic metres – length by width by height – and then divide the figure by 14.

This should enable you to have a rather rough and ready estimate of the sort of wood burning stove you’ll be looking for – as your final figure will be an estimate of the kilowatts required in your brand new stove. Please keep in mind though that this is only an estimate. Nothing beats the expertise a qualified heating engineer can bring to your calculations. While an estimate is great and good when you’re looking for wood burning stoves and getting an initial impression of cost, it’s nothing more than a ballpark estimate.

Stoves are rather versatile things — Some wood burning stoves can be hooked up to radiator based central heating, and supply hot water for taps and other outlets. Typically, homes have around 12 radiators and a wood burning stove can work in tandem with your existing system, whether it is a conventional gas or oil boiler.

For example, Stovax wood burning stoves are great for this task. Their Stockton 14HB for instance is a 14 Kilowatt stove which can easily supply enough hot water for 19 radiators without even breaking a sweat. As for how to get one, FiresOnline, an online stove retailer, have a range of Stovax wood burning stoves models, and the technical experience and knowhow to ensure you get a great product that comes with expert advice on tailoring your investment to your home.