Westfire Stoves are a Danish manufacturer which offer stoves which are crafted with supreme care and excellent attention to detail. They have an excellent understanding of the aesthetics of stove design, and endeavour to manufacture excellent, high-quality stoves which both complement the homes they are installed within, as well as display a sense of timelessness – in order to outlast both existing furniture and décor.

Westfire Stoves are remarkably proud of their future-proof design, and hold dearly the tenants of “simplicity” “timelessness” and “contemporary technology” to heart with every stove they manufacture. With tried and tested concepts, and attention paid to every single detail.

Yet, a Westfire Stove is not just a pretty face. Westfire Stoves have endeavoured to incorporate the latest and greatest combustion technology, which is guaranteed to ensure economical heating, and clean combustion. Every single Westfire Stove is manufactured in accordance with age old Danish craftsmanship techniques in order to truly excel in terms of design and functionality.

Westfire stoves are developed in a reputable manner, featuring a range of solid and very attractive wood burning stoves, convection stoves, and fireplaces—with their focus on clean, attractive and timeless design, fuel economy and environmental consideration. There is a number of options to choose from with a Westfire stove – free-standing steel stoves which are designed to emit radiant heat, built-in fireplaces and convection stoves, which are designed to distribute warm air throughout the room it is placed within.

With years of experience in the development of both stylish and functional solutions for the home, Westfire Stoves offer a multitude of hearth plates and chimneys which will complement their expansive range of gorgeous wood-burning stoves which will help you in creating a stylish look for your home now, and for many years to come.