Specialising in stove manufacture since 1979, Villager Stoves produce a variety of reliable, fuel efficient, quality stoves with considerable attention paid to both traditional and contemporary styling. Villager are an interesting brand for the reason that they pride themselves on manufacturing stoves to extremely high standard, whether they are wood burning stoves, gas stoves, or even electric stoves. Their level of expertise does not apply to a single type, and whether your home benefits most from the simplicity of electric stoves, the outstanding heat output of a gas stove or the energy efficiency of a multi fuel wood burning stove, you may select your stove with confidence, knowing that you are getting a superior product.

Traditional cast iron stoves are both attractive features to any room within your house and can provide a perfect atmosphere for both day-to-day living and special occasions, and Villager Stoves have the manufacturing process down to an art.

Villager are an interesting company, which go above and beyond when it comes to somehow being able to manage to create the very best of both worlds- a classic, traditional and authentic old-styled look for traditional homes, but their manufacturing process is anything but old fashioned.

Villager combine utterly modern, curtting edge manufacturing technology as well as utilising the very best innovations plausible and probable, but temper this with a very traditional knowledge, years upon years of experience, tested method and true dedication toward their art alongside a steady and very measured hand.

The quality shows.

Each and every single Villager Stove undergoes a rigorous quality control procedure before being approved, shipped to the supplier and then the customer.

Villager Stoves are indeed the best of many things. Excellent quality throughout their entire range, even with all types of stove, and a mixture of traditional know-how and modern craftsmanship makes your Villager Stove an investment that will serve you well for many years to come.