Vermont Castings are a truly great stove manufacturer, which have a very well established reputation for quality and it shows with the fact that their stoves are truly built to last. One of the most respected stove manufacturers, Vermont pride themselves on the fact that their cast-iron stoves, from start to finish, are cast, manufactured and assembled in-house from their Foundry in the heart of Vermont, which ensures that every single Vermont Stove is of a quality rarely found with other manufacturers, and the consistency of this quality is staggeringly high. These products are not shipped around the world from factory to factory. They are all assembled within the same building, and nowadays that is very rare with anything – not just stoves.

Vermont are also a very progressive company.  One of the only companies which started reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency back in 1982, and as result, have incorporated a number of unique designs into their stoves which ensure that more heat is stripped from the gases, which is excellent for fuel efficiency. That, as well as their truly timeless beauty has meant that Vermont Stoves are one of the most popular brands out there.

Excellent design is also part and parcel of selection of a Vermont Castings Stove. Each and every stove is loaded from the top, meaning that the top plate of one of these stoves can be doubled as a cooking surface where a number of things, such as a kettle or even a meal, if required, can be placed to boil or cook respectively. There are a number of other features which showcase Vermont’s ingenuity – such as a very clever swing-out ash pan with an attachable cover which means that emptying ash is no longer an arduous, time consuming and messy affair.

Every single Vermont Stove have an efficient air wash system, but where this brand really shines is their multi fuel stoves which feature a special coating which is invisible to the human eye on all glasswork, which has been proven to reflect 30% of the heat produced right back into the fire chamber – making sooting up a thing of the past.