It’s easy to look at a small stove and snort when it comes to imagining the stove being able to heat substantial parts of your house. It can’t be helped, really. Maybe it is human nature to think that small automatically means puny, but there are a few wood burning stoves out there which challenge that notion – the Stovax wood burning stove being one of them.

Whether you live in the country or the city, the Stovax Stockton 3 wood burning stove will likely be exactly what you need. This little stove is DEFRA approved which means that it can burn fuels even in city areas, which can be the source of very many headaches for the uninformed which go out to buy a stove and don’t factor into their considerations any environmental laws which prohibit the burning of fuels in restricted areas.

Available in three sizes, this Stovax Stockton 3 wood burning stove offers so much choice with your buy, and no matter the size you invest in, you’ll be able to take advantage of rather large window areas proportional to the stove which will allow you to take in what’s best about owning a stove – views of dancing flames, and the warm ambience of your burn. There’s nothing quite like it!

You might think that the ignition might be lacking, or that operation might be dinky or flimsy because of the size of this little stove. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Stovax, with the Stockton Stove, have given it all of the features that are expected of far larger models (something which many manufacturers still have to implement on even their flagship models…) such as Piezo ignition, and a programmable remote control which will enable you to set the stove itself to switch on and off, as well as heat the room to the temperature you select – all without leaving your armchair!