Stovax are the perfect example of a British stove manufacturer that has excelled in crafting reliable stoves, decade after decade. Stovax Stoves was established in 1981 within the city of Exeter to design and distribute a range of wood burning stoves and fireside accessories to match.

Since 1981, Stovax have established themselves as one of the leading UK stove manufacturers, pairing with Gazco stoves to offer a wider range of home heating options.

Just over a decade ago, Stovax purchased Yeoman, a wood burning stove manufacturer which specialises in traditional and rustic stove designs. Under the Yeoman brand, Stovax continue to produce high-quality heating solutions, including gas and electric stoves.

Stovax pride themselves on their environmental awareness, and their high-efficiency fires and stoves ensure that ‘green’ eco-friendly heating is provided to homes within the UK.

Stovax are continuously researching alternative technologies to ensure they stay at the forefront of the stove market with greener and more efficient stoves than their competing brands.

The company is known for its extensive selection of stove sizes and styles. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary statement-piece stove or perhaps a more modest traditional one to fit in a smaller room, Stovax offers a huge choice to suit all requirements.

For those looking for a modern stove to suit their home, the Stovax Vogue range comprises of contemporary stoves which benefit from an extra large viewing glass.

These stoves also feature a cutting edge technology to ensure that your fires burn as cleanly as possible. Emissions are lowered to the absolute minimum levels with the Stovax Vogue range, making them compliant even with future emission standards.

For a truly traditional stove which is sure to wow your guests, the Stovax Regency stove should be your first choice. This classic period design was first patented back in 1742, and allows for its grand double doors to open out, displaying its large firebox.