RN Williams is an excellent builders and plumbers supply merchant which is located in St Asaph, North Wales. They offer a variety of amazing bathroom fixtures, suites and accessories, range cookers, fireplaces and all the bits and bobs you’ll ever need for a truly amazing garden. The best thing about this merchants is most likely their sales.

For instance, presently there’s a sale on a number of wood burning stoves, and you’ll find the prices are absolutely incredible. For wood burning stoves in North Wales, RN Williams is certainly a go-to.

The Charnwood Country 4 Wood Stove is listed as only £599, and we’re pretty sure that’s the very least we’ve ever seen a Charnwood wood burning stove listed for – let alone a model with 5Kw nominal heat output!

If a double doored stove suits your tastes a little more, there’s also the Villager Chelsea Duo Stove, which is an absolute steal at £499. Usually just under £800, this is an excellent stove which is listed at a very, very attractive rate.

If you’re more a fan of Swedish engineering and Swedish design, then the Morso Swift Stove might be right up your alley. The Morso Swift is an excellent stove with a 5Kw Nominal Heat Output, and the Swedish design shows with an excellent 78% efficiency. This attractive stove should be able to keep going and going, thanks to Morso’s cast iron body and excellent design. All of this for only £600.

We’re certain that we’ve never seen a Morso on sale for less than £600 before!

Alternatively, should you wish for the quality of a Morso Stove but design a little more unique than the Swift can give you, the Jotul F100 is on sale at only £970. The cheapest we’ve seen this beautiful stove either in a physical store or online is around £1200, so this deal should give you plenty of money left over to ensure that you’ll have enough firewood for years to come!