So you’ve bought your nice and shiny wood burning stove from your manufacturer of choice after navigating the surprisingly complex world of choice that comes with buying one. You’ve ensured that your wood burning stove is both economical for your home, burns the type of fuel which won’t have you paying hefty emissions fees, is complimentary to your décor and will last years upon years, upon years. This is wonderful and all, but one single problem remains.

How on earth do you light it?

Once upon a time, human beings needed to know how to light a fire, for their own survival. Lighting a fire was a task as simple as breathing for humans at one time, but over the years, as a species, we sort of got lazy.

When it comes to open fires and fireplaces, if you’ve never had an older style house with a fireplace before, learning to light a fire can be quite a task. Theres lots of things that go into creating the perfect fire, such as only using wood which is dried and has been seasoned for at least a year.

While you’re cleaning your stove, it might surprise you to know that too much cleaning can impact the quality of your fire. You’ll want to leave around about a handful of ash within your stove, but not too much – to prevent blocking the circulation of air. That’s with wood burning stoves, of course.

With multi-fuel stoves, you’ll want to make sure that the ash in your stove is entirely and completely gone – as multi fuel stoves draw their air supply from below – within the grate. Obviously, no air equals no fire, so make sure you get in there and have a squeaky clean stove to prevent any issues when you light it. A number of branded stoves, such as Aarrow stoves, Charnwood stoves and ACR stoves are designed to be easy to clean – which will stop you from finding the task arduous. Branded Stoves which are designed in such a user-friendly manner that of course make cleaning far less of a chore.

Kindling is important, very much so. Whether you’re using multi-fuel or wood burning stoves, you’ll want to invest in some kindling which will make the task far easier. All you need is a handful of course – just dust a rolled up newspaper with a few sprinkles of kindling should do the trick.