Here’s something special. Wiking wood burning stoves are a wonderful addition to any contemporary home and are rightly observed as one of the leading brands when it comes to absolutely sumptuous design. Any room can be amplified and turned into a fantastic area for family, or friends thanks to the utilisation of a Wiking Stove as a feature.

A Wiking Stove is one of the most gorgeous stoves you can put in your house. We’re certain of that. Wiking have invested heavily within their research and development within recent years, and innovations such as their unique closing systems simply are not replicated by other brands.

Wiking stoves are so wonderfully designed for the user, that pulling extremely lightly upon the door opens it. There’s no grunting, no puffing and absolutely no blowing – and developing Stove Owner’s Biceps is not going to happen should you purchase one of these beautiful things. Just a light pull will open the door.

Some of us might think that something like that means that during a fire, the door will fly open and the room will therefore fill with smoke. Rest assured, that is certainly not the case. Wiking Stoves are not flimsy. Clever design means that there are a series of tiny hooks which engage, lock, and pull the door shut. There’s absolutely no danger of the door springing open on it’s own. In addition, every single Wiking stove has a feature we’ve never seen before – when the door is closed, the handle fits flush with the solid iron cast door, meaning that your stove has unparalleled clean lines. Quite simply, it’s beautiful.  

Wiking Stoves aren’t just pretty. This premium brand is something special indeed with the fact that it’s so very high quality, designed using utterly state of the art techniques which ensure wonderful quality and user-friendliness that is quite simply unparalleled.

For example, the Wiking Automatic system speaks volumes. The regulation of air during lighting and restocking a stove is a bit of a learning curve, and often something that first-time stove owners struggle with. This isn’t a problem with a Wiking Stove – as the heat sensitive bimetallic coil, another device which is unique to Wiking stoves, expands or contracts based on temperature.

Wiking stoves are undeniably beautiful, but this brand exceeds all expectations by having a serious amount of brains to go with it.