Stoves can be quite a tricky purchase.

While theres two distinctive markets out there, the first being the stove which generally performs pretty well and won’t leave a lasting dent in your finances while not being all that memorable in design, plus don’t exactly blaze any trails in the form of efficiency or innovation.

The second option most stove buyers face is stoves which are utterly fantastic in design, possess a wide variety of user features, a number of handy aesthetic design pluses, but a price tag that will make absolutely anyone’s eyes water.

Warmglow Stoves introduces a third market, which appears to be the best of both worlds. Warmglow Stoves offers all the efficiency and reliability of the most high end of stoves, performs rather well in addition, with not a bad design whatsoever. Furthermore, their prices are very reasonable. Where’s the compromise?

Some might say Warmglow Stoves’s idea of compromise is a product range of four… but when you consider a stove is generally a purchase for a single room of the house, four options don’t seem that bad at all.

It may surprise you to learn that Warmglow Stoves is part of the Hunter Stoves Group – a very well established and well-known stove manufacturer which, in recent years, have innovated stove manufacture. Warmglow stoves certainly aren’t a departure from Hunter’s reputation for quality – each and every Warmglow Stove affords great heating for your home and high-quality design which will last for years.

With features normally seen in much pricier stoves such as Cleanburn – hot air being introduced to the fire by the stove as it burns to help keep the view of the fire quicker and it burning far more efficiently to allow you to get the very most out of your fuel, as well as Airwash Flow to keep your viewing glass cleaner and also afford much better views of your fire – Warmglow Stoves champion the point that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great product.