Saltfire Stoves are a British company that offer a variety of wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves, cleanly designed and expertly made, all guaranteed for three years. With a good amount of variety within their models, capabilities and sizing which is sure to warm large and small houses across the country, Saltfire Stoves quite rightly have an excellent reputation for quality – but also a reputation for simplicity.

What you see is what you get with a Saltfire Stove, and what you get is quite a lot for your money. Should you purchase a Saltfire stove, you’re looking at an efficient piece of kit which is wonderfully up to the task and even better, clean burning so you can get the very most out of your fuel.

We find that with Saltfire stoves, the quality of each and every product shows with a universal guarantee – free of all terms, conditions, clauses and small print. All Saltfire stoves are guaranteed to be free of defect for three whole years from the date of purchase.

With their Ekol variety, the guarantee is pushed up to a solid 5 years – which might be one of the longest no quibble, money back guarantees we’ve ever seen from a stove manufacturer. We find that such a broad guarantee speaks volumes for the product, and what a product the Saltfire Stove range is.

With each and every Saltfire stove across absolutely every single model and every single specification (back boiler multifuel, DEFRA approved, double sided, inset stove, or even a large, medium or small multi-fuel stove) being clean burning and with excellent vent control, your stove will be roaring throughout a broad range of operations.   

With local assembly in Dorset England, and the usage of high-quality components such as castings from world-class foundries, glass from Germany, and a variety of paint finishes in colours that offer an unparalleled class from the USA and the UK, you’ll be confident you’re getting a spectacular stove with Saltfire Stoves.