Truly unique in design and aesthetic, RIKA woodburning stoves offer design that directly enhances the experience of having a real fire in your living room – featuring design that enhances the natural flames and a large part of RIKA’s design aesthetic is enhancement of your atmosphere. With supreme quality, market leading technology, and absolutely outstanding design, RIKA Stoves promises you 27 different models to choose from, each boasting numerous designs.

Looks aren’t all of the feathers in RIKA’S collective cap – each and every stove can be covered with some very special cladding which is crafted from natural stone. Like most high-quality wood burning stoves, RIKA stoves can be heated very quickly and therefore, can fill your room easily with pleasant and comforting heat that simply can’t be replicated by modern central heating systems.

RIKA stoves can be operated in a C02 neutral manner, as wood is a very renewable material. You’ll stand to save about 50% fuel savings with a RIKA stove, thanks to its very interesting RIKATRONIC atmospheric combustion control systems which are part and parcel of every single stove that RIKA manufacture.

Manufacturing is based in Austria, and each and every stove has been designed to be stylish pieces of home furniture. Whereas there are quite a few stove manufacturers that cater to the same thing out there, RIKA’s range of wood burning stoves, combi stoves, and pellet stoves truly have to be seen to be believed.

With a 5 year guarantee on every welded stove body, guaranteed quality production, some rather low emissions, and energy conversion efficiency that well exceeds present guidelines as well as spare part availability which is guaranteed for at least 10 years – RIKA have a range of stoves where the quality well and truly speaks for itself – as well as Austrian casting and assembly, which essentially guarantees an excellent quality product.