With a staggering 150 years of experience in stove making, Nestor Martin Stoves are indeed European leaders in home heating technology. Prestigious worldwide, Nestor Martin’s brand is built upon cast iron, with the spirit of technological innovation held to heart. Both Innovation and opening one’s eyes to new things, new methods, and new ways, as well as 150 years of cast iron knowhow are married together into the Nestor Martin brand with excellent warmth and efficiency, remarkable build quality with products being known to last years upon years, and a very healthy resilience to modern day life and a timeless design being integral.

Nestor Martin stoves are known for their internationally patented woodbox combustion system, which is cited to be the most solid advance in solid fuel burning technology for a decade. Nestor Martin Stoves’ know-how is absolutely unrivalled, and their stoves are perfection for any contemporary home.

But, appearances aren’t everything. You’ll be pleased to know that Nestor Martin stoves offer high efficiency burning, far reduced fuel consumption compared to other brand’s offerings of similar size and type, as well as low pollutant emissions. That’s not all though – astoundingly, Nestor Martin Woodboxes are the very first solid fuel stoves with a programmable thermostatic remote control – an astounding feature which allows you to harness the stove as to your desired setting with the minimum of fuss.

Nestor Martin stoves are designed to be very contemporary, but the company has paid attention to those which have clamoured for a more traditional look as well. Whether you choose to have the more traditional and comfortable look in your home, or are after a timeless and very modern looking solution to your heating, Nestor Martin stoves have the ideal stove for you. Additionally, with a range of output and sizes – whatever your tastes or your needs, Nestor Martin Stoves can offer you a product which is nothing short of innovation itself.