Morso have the undeniably prestigious position as being the go-to in stove manufacture for an undeniably incredible 162 years. This Danish company have undergone extensive rebranding to modernise. Whereas Morso stoves of old were synonymous with cosy, hot wood burning stoves of very quaint design, the company has met the times in amazing fashion thanks to a series of very notable designers which have contributed massively to the company for a number of years.

Morso as a company now provide very modern products, some of which we believe are works of art in their own right. However, those looking for a more traditional and quaint look with their stove are not shut out due to this modernisation.

Originally a foundry which made a variety of products, including stable windows, grave crosses and tools to saucepans, pots and pans, their wood burners and tiled stoves came later, and the superior quality of which meant that stoves became their most favoured product and eventually the company’s’ focus.

Morso have indeed kept to the original standards of their design with a range of stoves, which makes the company the first and foremost name in stoves for a variety of tastes. At the turn of the century, Morso produced tiled stoves and heaters to a variety of Danish schools, churches, railway stations, ministries, and the royal household of Denmark. In 1915, Morso received the much-coveted title of Purveyor to the Royal Court, which is a seriously incredible achievement.

Morso are an ever-changing and ever-evolving Company, and only recently in 2015, Morso unveiled a range of complimentary kitchen equipment which is designed to complement and accentuate your stove. Within 2012, Morso also showed the world it’s design and build capability with the launch of the Forno Outdoor Oven, which is a design icon even to this day.
While impressive Indeed, there’s nothing quite like seeing a wood-burning stove. The warm and cosy feeling a real fire crackling away provides is undeniable, and Morso endeavour to provide some top quality stoves. Morso are that confident of their product, they can also give you a 10 year guarantee.