Denmark’s largest producer of wood burning stoves with some truly beautiful designs. Designed by architects, HWAM wood burning Stoves has well over 40 years worth of experience in the design and production of very beautiful, very modern, excellent quality wood burning stoves and have developed stoves which have excelled in aesthetic and functional design – as they possess a number of patents relative to stove design and function.

Known under quite a few names in the past such as ABC, WIKING and more recently HWAM, the company was founded within 1973 by a gentleman of the name of Vagn Hvam Pederson. Even today, the HWAM company is owned and operated absolutely exclusively by the Hvam family. Proud sons Stefan and Torsten Hvam followed in their father’s footsteps and entered the family business, and are in charge of the company to this day in positions of relevance- with Stefan Hvam the Managing Director of the company, and Torsten as the head of the research and development department.

HWAM approach stoves in a very practical, but a nonetheless interesting way. Their founder, Vagn Hvam Pederson demonstrated the company’s’ knowledge of the product with the statement that the reason why HWAM does so well as a company is because stoves in themselves are both functional, and beautiful. Paying equal attention to both elements that stoves possess has been directly to the company’s’ credit, indeed.

HWAM’s understanding of design, aesthetic and function is quite frankly unparalleled, and any single example of the vast amount of HWAM Stoves is an excellent feature for anyone’s home. That’s not to say that HWAM stoves are dinky, or of low quality. A HWAM stove is not just a pretty face – each and every stove is made in a single facility in Horning, which is just south of Aarhus within Denmark. Unbelievably, despite the company’s’ gigantic amounts of success, each and every HWAM stove is manufactured, produced, and exported from this facility for added quality.