A truly interesting story is behind this British Brand. Originally founded as Hunter Stoves (Part of the Mells Group) in 1970 within the South West of England, Hunter Stoves was the first British wood stove manufacturer. The Mells Group, under the Hunter Stoves subsidiary initially produced very high quality steel stoves which benefitted from built-in boilers, to run small to medium central heating systems, as back within 1970 small to medium sized homes were indeed their target demographic.

Over the span of 15 years, this company flourished thanks to the British steel trade, quality British manufacturing methods and of course the isle’s proximity to Europe and strong trade links, though suffered catastrophe in 1986 with a sudden bankruptcy. The floundering company was purchased by Ravenheat Ltd, which experimented with turning the product into a gas stove and fire products company. The gamble unfortunately did not pay off.

However, the skies soon brightened for this British company, as it was purchased yet again in 1996, and relocated to Exeter. Hunter Stoves has since been noted as one of the largest manufacturers of multi fuel stoves within the UK and Ireland, and has been incredible in the fact that it has expanded every year since.

The range now consists of a wonderful variety of wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, and both conventional and balanced flue gas stoves, which are available in multiple combinations which offer the customer customisability and flexibility that other brands simple can’t hope to match.

Whatever your heating situation, Hunter Stoves likely have just the solution for you. Most models in addition have other options, such as single or double doors and a choice of flat top or canopied models, to get the exact style you desire.

Every single Hunter Stove can also be customised to your liking with a range of colours and fittings.