Part of a dream team partnership with stove manufacturer Stovax, Gazco Stoves offer the warmth of solid fuel heating with the ease and innovation of gas. Their diverse range of highly efficient and energy conscious stoves truly utilise the latest and greatest in heating technology, and offer a great variety of stoves for all customers.

Whether your tastes are more toward the traditional or whether you’re a fan of clean lines and seamless contemporary looks for your home, Gazco has something for you with their very special range of stoves. Perhaps even you’re even on the fence in the matter and want a mixture of traditional and modern looks?

You’re covered. Gazco, alongside Stovax, have you covered with an excellent variety of heating products which indeed provide both warmth, and style. With excellent contemporary gas stoves, which can offer you a very traditional feeling of warmth but very modern design with finishes such as sleek and shining exteriors in cool glasswork, or intricate stainless steel, plus features such as enamelled flue pipes, you can give your stove a very high-end timeless look which will truly look great for years to come.

With an excellent selection of stoves for rooms of all shapes and sizes available, Gazco can supply you with exactly what you need to ensure that you have a stove that’s welcoming and warming, but a real asset to your heating system that can perform exactly as you wish.

You’ll be pleased to know that Stovax stoves feature a CleanBurn system, which incorporates tripe-air systems to provide a much cleaner burn than most stoves; which in turn provides far greater thermal efficiency and control. The CleanBurn system is generally the act of your stove’s design introducing pre-heated, secondary air into the firebox at just about the right point, which will promote far more efficient combustion of hydrocarbons which may already be within smoke.

This process greatly increases the combustion efficiency of your stove – as well as removing smoke particles which will reduce your servicing costs, save you fuel, and also help the environment, which is always a plus!