Franco Belge Stoves, one of Europe’s leading stove manufacturers are certainly a special buy, and getting your hands on one can be quite tricky.

The demand for these stoves is absolutely gigantic, and it’s mostly because of the fact that their quality control is absolutely unrivalled. While indeed at we do tend to talk quite a deal about each manufacturer’s amazing quality of product, the quality control on these babies is absolutely beyond compare.

Market leaders through and through, Franco Belge stoves are the standard to attain for other brands, and their multi fuel and wood burning stoves are true leaders in the field. If you’re after a stove that will truly last, then Franco Belge is the brand for you. Premium stoves at reasonable prices, we can guarantee that one of these will be a talking point for your home for years and years to come.

Of their wood burning stoves and multi fuel varieties, we wholeheartedly recommend their Savoy and Le Burgundy models, which are very well noted to produce absolutely incredible heat output that truly has to be experienced to be believed, as well as the lowest maintenance of any stove manufacturer we have encountered as of yet and also extremely high fuel efficiency. Essentially – they’re perfect, and it’s certainly our favourite brand of all.

What Franco Belge stove is right for you, though? Whether you’re looking at the beautifully ornate Parisienne at 3kW (and 5kW if you’re looking at a large room) to the Franco Belge Monte Carlo and Monaco woodburners, you may install one of these absolutely fantastic stoves anywhere within your home. Essentially – they have one for you.

For those that favour traditional stove design of extremely high quality, we’re delighted to state that the Franco Belge brand caters to that. Not interested in more modern designs, Franco Belge stoves offer a certain kind of charm and character that other manufacturers have attempted to replicate for years and years.