Flavel stoves are proudly made in the UK, within Stoke on Trent. The company is family run through and through, and dates back to the Flavel family which is reported to have come to England with William the Conqueror and originally set up shop in the manufacture of gunpowder, of all things. (Not ideal when it comes to stove manufacture, but there’s much more to the story!)

In 1833 the fledgling business was riding high on the heels of a very successful line of work in the manufacture of vapour bath (which was highly favoured by members of the Russian aristocracy) and they established the Eagle Foundry, which remains its prime manufacturing facility to this day. Fascinatingly, Flavel Stoves employ some staff members which are descendents of the initial workmen which began to manufacture at this facility!   

With multiple members of staff having learned the tricks of the trade of stove manufacture from 1833 from their relatives, it’s no wonder that Flavel stoves maintains a very good quality even now.

Originally, the Eagle Foundry manufactured high quality kitchen ovens and appliances, and are credited with patenting the foundation of what most kitchen ranges are based upon even to this day. Even though it was very well known as a creator and manufacturer of cooking appliances, the Flavel factories were commissioned to assist the UK in times of war, and cannonballs manufactured at the Eagle Foundry were used within the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo, as well as in both World Wars.

Flavel’s greatest claim to fame however is their cast iron fireplaces and grates, commissioned for the usage of the Great Houses of the English Aristocracy. Flavel decided that what was good enough for minor and major nobility was also good enough for the Great British public, and decided to release the truly iconic Debonair in 1965.

Since, Flavel has reemerged into the stove market and certainly appears to be making quite a name for itself in recent years with a number of offerings which are of fantastic quality. While indeed Flavel have a great number of past achievements, they’re certainly a company to watch in the future!