Firewarm are a company based in Ireland which offer stoves of rather minimalistic and simple design, but of which are crammed full of features and offer excellent value for money within build quality, lifespan, and fuel efficiency, but without any of the fancier styling you’d see elsewhere. Firewarm stoves are simply styled, but fully cast-iron preventing any issues with seams or joints later on in your stoves lifespan.

Sometimes less is more, and you won’t want gimmicks or quirky design ideas with your stove, and Firearm, to their credit, have done rather well out of the side of the market which just want a good-looking stove in a range of sizes, which offers a lot of heating for their money. Firewarm indeed are a supplier which offer just that – as well as excellent quality through and through at a bargain price.

Available within three sizes,  Firewarm stoves feature riddling grates, airwash technology and a number of other features that you’d normally pay more than double the price for. This certainly doesn’t come at expense to quality, however. All Firewarm products are individually checked before leaving their factory within Cork.

Whether you’re looking for a classically designed, easy to use little stove (That offers a lot of heat output for its size!) the Firewarm 4 may be exactly what you’re looking for. For those who are looking for something perhaps a little bit more powerful for usage within larger rooms, the Firewarm 6 should be exactly what you need – at 6Kw output, this great priced cast iron stove features secondary burn technology for a very modest price.

If you’re looking to heat a rather large room, we would recommend the Firewarm 8 Multi Fuel stove. The largest stove within the Firewarm range, this beautiful stove features some very clean lines and a large glass window which will enable the stove to be a focal point within whichever room you put it in, as well as a superb price.