Made with pride in the UK, Esse Stoves are hand-built and crafted with expertise and true care and attention within the United Kingdom. With a long history of building stoves and cast iron cookers (more than 160 years – we think that might just be the longest of any of the brands we’re delighted to supply!) Esse take very much pride in announcing that their stoves have been tried, tested, and trusted throughout the world.

We can’t think of any better indicator than achieving worldwide supplier status when it comes to gauging quality. Worldwide endorsement is quite difficult to beat, and whether Esse stoves and boilers are utilised to heating cabins residing in frozen wastes within the Antarctic, or even more common (but still very hard going) purposes such as heating working and very busy hotels and hospitals all around the world, Esse boilers are made to perform even in the roughest, toughest conditions. They do so—reliably, making Esse a very valuable brand worldwide.

For you, this means that your Esse stove will certainly last a long time, and reliably heat your house for years to come. Not only are these stoves hand-built within Britain by skilled craftsmen who certainly know how to make amazing stove, you’ll be very pleased to know that Esse stoves are some of the most energy efficient stoves to have ever been created, which is excellent news for both the environment and your finances.

But how do they look? You’ll be delighted to know that their range of stoves of all types is absolutely gigantic, and there are more options within styling and specification which will ensure that your home is not only toasty and warm for a good, long time to come – but is accented perfectly with the perfect focal point stove. While indeed a stove is an excellent way to heat your household, Esse understand that they can look fabulous while doing so.