Dovre Stoves are built to last the harshest of Scandinavian winters, and as such, provide a range of both stylish and expertly made wood burning stoves, multi fuel fires, and gas and electric models. Dovre pride themselves upon providing a Dovre for every home, and with a choice of style, power, and their utilisation of CleanBurn technology, we find ourselves quite inclined to agree.

With all of Dovre stoves being manufactured in cast iron, with absolutely no seams and no joints, they offer superior durability, far better heat retention thanks to no points of escape for said heat, as well as a look of solid quality that never, ever goes out of style. It’s well known that cast iron products last longer than cheaper assembled ones, as there’s less parts to break. Cast Iron also has the advantage of being moulded into more than a standard shape.

Quality is also another big draw to Dovre Stoves. Wood burners and multi-fuel stoves from Dovre all feature CleanBurn technology, which offers massive improvements to combustion – which means that when you light one of these impressive fixtures that your home will be much warmer, much quicker. Added fuel efficiency which is part of CleanBurn also means that you’ll have to use far less fuel- making massive savings throughout the course of a winter- and far more in years to come.

That, and CleanBurn technology meaning that your stove is gentler on the environment is certainly a plus. Especially when it comes to household emissions reports.

Most stove manufacturer’s design innovations come from working with cast iron rather than putting pieces together – and Dovre stoves are absolutely no exception to that rule. Quite simply, they’re absolutely beautiful and certainly a worthy focal point of any room. Should you not want a focal point, Dovre also provide some very unassuming stoves which do the job, look beautiful, but don’t draw as much attention. Essentially, with Dovre there’s variety of shapes, styles and looks to choose from. There’s a place for one of these fantastic stoves in any room.