This titan of a brand are arguably the most well- known manufacturer of stoves and other heating solutions. With a portfolio of over 700 products, Dimplex are hard hitters when it comes to their business model, which is supplying great-quality, affordable and attractive heating solutions. Dimplex stoves are an example of this model, reliable, durable, and pretty amazing to look at.

Dimplex are well known as the market leader within the heating world, and this is partially because of their excellent quality and smart business decisions. Dimplex are very well known for continually investing in each and every area of their business, as they are of the belief that continual investment in every sector, as well as strict quality testing and investment within their employees is the key to success. Given Dimplex’s popularity in stoves and electric fires, we’re sure they’re on the right track with that.

Of note is the amount of capital Dimplex dedicate toward research and development products, throughout all of their factories throughout the United Kingdom. Continuous innovation is one of Dimplex’s core principles as a company, and with a range of some truly impressive and very reasonably priced stoves, we can see that indeed, innovation is quite their forte. With a UK-based Central Design facility and teams upon teams dedicated to research, Dimplex’s commitment to staying industry leader is clearly quite large.

When it comes to safety standards, Dimplex simply can’t be beaten either. Dimplex belong to many varied industry groups, including the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) The EDA (Electrical Distributors Association) BEAMA (the British Electro-technical and Allied Manufacturers Association) HWA (the Hot Water Association) and of course HEVAC (the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Association) All of their stoves are also BEAB approved.

With a wide variety of stoves to choose from, many customers trust in Dimplex’s commitment to it’s staff, facilities and research division by choosing a Dimplex stove for their homes.