Danburn Stoves are a great manufacturer that offer premium Danish construction at a very affordable price. Perhaps the only stove manufacturer that fits in the niche of European engineering and aesthetic at a low price, with their LÆSØ Stove being prime example of such. It’s a very reasonably priced stove that doesn’t skimp on features whatsoever, and offers the same airwash technology you’d normally expect from a stove twice the price.

There’s also the 5kw Romo, which gives you a very contemporary styled stove which is designed to sit upon it’s very own stand in order to raise the view of the fire box. Many customers we’ve found quite enjoy this feature, for both looks and practical purpose.

There are a slew of excellent design features with Danburn stoves, and while modern, they’re not exactly strikingly harsh. The lines are clean — yes, but they’re not sharp enough to look odd in certain rooms. The design of course is very clean, and Danburn have indeed come up well on every single one of their offerings — as you’d expect from a Danish company. With all of their stoves offering efficiency ratings of up to 80%, you’re certainly buying a fantastic investment for your home for many, many years to come.

Danburn have provided an excellent product both inside and outside – with some very handsome designs which show that not all modern stoves tend to look the same (a very common complaint from those with tastes that lead more toward the quaint) Danburn stoves offer a range which goes from miniature 5kw stoves all the way to 10kw monsters, we’re confident that your brand new Danburn stove will provide you with a truly impressive and practical focal point for whichever room you choose – as well as be a truly excellent buy given their very modern prices and great quality, with state of the art features.

Why pay more, after all, when you have absolutely everything you could ever want in a stove with Danburn?