Charnwood Stoves is the trading name of a family company which was founded in 1972 named A J Wells and Sons, Limited. Nowadays they’re privately run but still controlled by that same family. With a stringent buying policy that details only buying the highest quality materials, a very sincere commitment to excellent service, as well as a good environmental policy, you’ll likely be very well served with a Charnwood Stove.

Charnwood claim to be the oldest British manufacturer of stoves, and comes from a gentleman named Alfred Wells and two of his sons starting an engineering firm on the Isle of Wight. Over the past forty years their growth has been absolutely exponential, with their original factory of around 1500 square feet swelling to their current site’s 5000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Their original three staff members have grown as well, to a team of well over 150 people involved in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the Wells family consider their workforce the source of stability in the firm, with most of them having been with the company for well over 25 years.

Charnwood Stoves are proud of the fact that their commitment to their staff is matched by their commitment to investment – they are very proud of the fact that they use the latest technologies in the manufacturing process and confident that this ensures that their stoves are of excellent quality and will last for many years to come.

With very strong relationships with their suppliers and the fact that this company buy British materials wherever possible via emphasising quality over cost, it’s easy to have confidence within a Charnwood Stove. It’s a long term investment, and you will have years and years to enjoy British engineering at it’s finest.

In the rare event that something goes wrong with your stove, you’re in very good hands. Charnwood have a policy of making sure that their customers are well taken care of- with all spares dispatched within 48 hours and a next day delivery service in order to ensure that whatever the problem, you’ll be nice and toasty again in no time.