Burley stoves are incredible things that certainly live up to the name “Burley.” Case in point, their very well known (and absolutely incredible) tank test, which means that every single stove is subject to a rigorous quality test — of having a tank driven over it.

Should said stove hold up, it’s quality tested and assured, and shipped off to their very many suppliers across the UK. You’re quite simply guaranteed to have a product that will last years and years with a Burley stove, and just because they’re tough, doesn’t mean they’re ugly.

We’re certain that once you’ve tried one, you simply won’t go back to any other brand. With a great variety of wood burning stove ranges including the Fireball, Firecube, and the Panorama, Burley stoves absolutely live up to their self-styled moniker of being the manufacturer of the world’s most efficient stoves.

Burley pride themselves on the manufacture of wood burning stoves, flued gas fires and 100% efficient flueless gas fires, and it’s very worth mentioning that they also manufacture their own range of accessories. With their handsome and very attractive stoves being manufactured within the UK, the customer is looking at excellent quality and availability for their money — as well as excellent access to parts, in the rare event of something going wrong somewhere.

Some Burleys stoves are DEFRA approved, and of course this will allow you the confidence of knowing that you’re doing your bit for the environment as you relax by the fireside.

Truly contemporary and very modern, these stoves might not be best suited toward traditionally styled living, but their sleek exteriors and clean lines are very aesthetically pleasing. For modern homes these stoves seem to be excellent in design, as we can see one suiting countless decoration changes to come. Beauty never goes out of fashion, after all – and Burley stoves seem to be an excellent reminder of that.