Beltane Stoves are an excellent manufacturer, with offerings such as the tiny (but powerful) 3.2KW Beltane Brue Multi Fuel stove which is packed full of features, to the gigantic 10KW Beltane Midford Woodburning Stove. There’s bags of choice among all of their range, and quite simply a stove for absolutely every room. Beltane Stoves go through a dinky 3.2KW option all the way to a staggering 10KW, which is enough to keep your whole house warm. We love these stoves, and it’s for multiple reasons.

For example, the features. With an airwash system that’ll ensure that you spend more time enjoying your stove without the dreaded feeling of having to clean sooty, smoky windows later on (quite a cosy night in killer for us) you can sit back and relax in a gloriously hot room in the confidence that your stove is energy efficient and operating at an absolute maximum with no wastage of your fuel. Furthermore, airwash systems involve the recycling of hot air — which ensures fuel savings compared to non-airwash stoves.

Another feather in Beltane Stoves proverbial hat is the fact that each stove absolutely wins in regard to user friendliness.

We like to think  that we know our stoves. We’ve seen enough of them after all, and we’re thrilled to say that Beltane Stoves have the easiest to use controls we’ve ever seen.

It’s clear that Beltane have designed this stove for the user in mind – and the amount of engineering that’s gone into designing a stove that’s both powerful, energy efficient and an absolute doddle to use is staggering. With Beltane Stoves, we truly feel that you’re getting the very best of every feature it provides.   

While their style is rather modern, you don’t have to worry about quality. Beltane Stoves have cast iron grates and are DEFRA approved – which means that you don’t have to worry about the environment as you keep warm. Using one is an absolute pleasure, and the fact that they’re DEFRA Approved is even better.