Well known for providing revolutionary range cookers, we’re delighted to say that Aga Stoves meet the same high quality standards – whether your selection is a quality cast iron wood burner, or a handsomely designed multi-fuel stove for your living room.

Boasting high efficiency ratings and supremely high quality casting on every stove manufactured, We’re very pleased to say that Aga stoves are likely to last just as long as their highly-praised range cookers – benefitting from the fact that they’re crafted with great care and attention by the very same workmen and women which have perfected Aga’s range cooker in years past.

For over 90 years, Aga have remained at the forefront of engineering excellence, and their brand new range of cast steel burners are excellent indication of that. Delectably different from cast iron offerings, Aga are rightly proud of the fact that they employ the very best of traditions and the very latest technology side by side, with equal consideration to ensure a fantastic talking point, and source of heat for your home.

Should you choose to invest in Aga’s excellent range of stoves, you should be confident with the knowledge that this firm’s firm grasp of tradition will ensure that the pride they take in the traditional manufacture of their stoves is shown in every inch of the finished product.

Aga stoves are at their heart, many things. They’re attractive pieces of engineering genius which are utterly ground-breaking where it matters. Saying that, they’re very traditional where it matters. With the advances Aga have made with their phenomenal range cookers, Aga have proved themselves absolutely stellar stove manufacturers and worthy of every accolade that comes their way.

Offering very tasteful stoves of both contemporary and traditional designs, we are pleased to say that the installation of an Aga stove will ensure an excellent addition to any room within your home.