With a proud history of stove manufacture lasting over 30 years, ACR Stoves are the definitive choice for those that insist upon the very best of quality. (And who doesn’t?)

With all stoves supplied with a 125mm flue spigot and absolutely every model at every wattage DEFRA approved, you’ll be able to burn wood in smoke controlled areas – which makes ACR stoves the go-to when it comes to versatile solutions for room heating. Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, ACR have a stove built with you in mind.

DEFRA approval is very important when it comes to stoves, as DEFRA approval indicates that this stove in particular (with ACR, absolutely everything they do!) are cleared to burn specified fuels within smoke control areas – as well as disallowed fuels. While “disallowed” conjures images of things that really should not go in fires, the reality of “disallowed” fuels is actually quite perplexing. Under the legislation, wood is classed as a “disallowed” fuel.

With a DEFRA Approved Stove alike the ones that ACR manufacture, you’ll be able to burn whatever you like, even in smoke-controlled areas. DEFRA Approval also offers other advantages such as being clean burning by their very nature, which will mean that you’ll save quite a hefty amount by the fact that you will have to pay to have your chimney cleaned far less often. Furthermore, they ensure that enough combustion air is supplied to make your wood burn efficiently throughout the entire cycle – which will likely save you on fuel costs.

Other than DEFRA Approval, ACR are well known for their association with sister company, Vermont Stoves. As such, it has the same reputation for excellence. With an ACR stove, you can invest in a heating solution for your home with all confidence that you’re choosing an excellent product which will stand the test of time. With a variety of excellent, well-crafted accessories available such as log store stands, you’re looking at a beautiful, high quality, matching and most importantly complete package from one reputable manufacturer.