With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose which firewood to use in your wood burning stove. With information about seasoning, how long it burns, whether it spits and more, it can be confusing to weigh up your options and whether you’re taking the right factors into account. We have rounded 5 of the most popular firewood choices up so that your search isn’t quite so big!

Posing as one of the best firewood options, beechwood burns clean and hot. It can be distinguished by its smooth bark that does not flake off like other firewoods. It is a dense wood, best used when seasoned 1-2 years. The difficulty of splitting beech is dependant on the tree, some tend to have a twisted grain which means splitting can be harder.

Offering a steady flame, Ash is perfect if you are looking for a significant heat output. Arguably the best firewood to use, there are 16 different species with white or green ash being the most common for firewood use. The wood splits easily with a low moisture content.


Perfect for using as kindling, Birch trees can be distinguished by their unique bark and can be used unseasoned. It burns bright but quickly with the quality ranging from excellent to not so excellent depending on which species you choose to use.


Apple wood

A highly sought after wood which is usually used to make furniture, Apple burns slow without sparking or spitting and is often priced a little higher than others. It is best seasoned at a minimum of 2 years and burns with a sweet smelling aroma that is favoured by a lot of people.


Last but not least, Oak is a popular choice due to it’s ability to burn slow with a small flame. It provides a significant heat in the home and is best seasoned 1-2 years.
We hope this guide provided some clarification on some of the firewoods available to you, for more information on different woods, please click here for an age old poem that sums it all up!