Stoves By Brand

ACR Wood Burning Stoves – Quality at Amazing Prices

When we look at stoves, there are a few fantastic brands out there which can charm even the staunchest advocates of any of the other brands. For traditional yet contemporary wood burning stoves, ACR stoves are the choice of many – as they make stoves of all shapes and all sizes, which can be the […]


The Stovax Wood Burning Stove – Small but Mighty

It’s easy to look at a small stove and snort when it comes to imagining the stove being able to heat substantial parts of your house. It can’t be helped, really. Maybe it is human nature to think that small automatically means puny, but there are a few wood burning stoves out there which challenge […]

An Introduction to Stovax Stoves

Stovax are the perfect example of a British stove manufacturer that has excelled in crafting reliable stoves, decade after decade. Stovax Stoves was established in 1981 within the city of Exeter to design and distribute a range of wood burning stoves and fireside accessories to match. Since 1981, Stovax have established themselves as one of […]


An Introduction to Warmglow Stoves

Stoves can be quite a tricky purchase. While theres two distinctive markets out there, the first being the stove which generally performs pretty well and won’t leave a lasting dent in your finances while not being all that memorable in design, plus don’t exactly blaze any trails in the form of efficiency or innovation. The […]


Morso, Desirable Stoves at Reasonable Prices

Morso Stoves are one of the most desired brands of stoves out there, thanks to their contemporary design which ensures that they’re a solid statement piece and certainly a good conversation starter to have within your house. Most people find themselves inexplicably drawn to the clean lines and cast iron stoves that Morso produce, and […]


An Introduction to Saltfire Stoves

Saltfire Stoves are a British company that offer a variety of wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves, cleanly designed and expertly made, all guaranteed for three years. With a good amount of variety within their models, capabilities and sizing which is sure to warm large and small houses across the country, Saltfire Stoves quite rightly […]