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3 Benefits of Buying a Wood Burning Stove

Nowadays, owning a wood burning stove is something that many people have on their wish list. Whether it’s for their own living room or part of their criteria when booking a few nights away at a cottage, wood burning stoves are always a positive attribution. With that said, here are 3 of the many benefits […]


Choosing the Best Logs for Your Wood Burning Stove

With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose which firewood to use in your wood burning stove. With information about seasoning, how long it burns, whether it spits and more, it can be confusing to weigh up your options and whether you’re taking the right factors into account. We have […]


How to Season Wood For Your Wood Burning Stove

Many wood burning stove owners save a fortune on their heating bills by utilising these clever appliances in order to heat the home and avoid paying extortionate utility bills. Like it or lump it, gas and electricity prices have soared year after year, and there seems to be no preventing the rise of electricity and […]


The Best Cheap Wood Burning Stoves on the Internet

There’s been much ado recently about cheap wood burning stoves being more of a liability than an asset. From problems with the design meaning that maintenance is an absolute nightmare, to very real safety concerns with imported, off branded stoves, the only thing more important than getting your stove for the best price possible is […]

The Burning Qualities of Varying Wood

So you’ve bought your wood burning stove and you’ve attempted, at least once, to get a fire going. While indeed most wood burning stoves have measures which make getting a fire going a doddle, there are nonetheless certain things to remember. Most specifically, what sort of wood should really be used? The beauty of wood […]


Wood Burning Stoves – How Efficient Are They?

When you’re looking into getting a wood burning stove, one of the questions (if not the first and the foremost) that may spring to mind is how much heat can you be reasonably expected to get from it. The answer is somewhat less than straightforward. Of course, a lot of the answer depends on your […]