There’s been much ado recently about cheap wood burning stoves being more of a liability than an asset. From problems with the design meaning that maintenance is an absolute nightmare, to very real safety concerns with imported, off branded stoves, the only thing more important than getting your stove for the best price possible is getting a stove which is safe.

When it comes to buying your stove online, it can feel rather confusing and like you’re going to fall headfirst into a trap. We’ve prepared a small guide on how to get the cheapest wood burning stoves online possible, but also how to ensure that your product is great and will last just as long as it should.

1- Check the Seller’s Reputation

TrustPilot is hailed as the Yelp/Tripadvisor for internet shopping, and it has a number of features which can guarantee genuine comments from genuine customers. TrustPilot is a completely independent rating system which store owners cannot influence, so comments placed on TrustPilot are absolutely genuine. Furthermore, it’s good to check on how your retailer of choice handles transactions. Ensure that your retailer sells genuine originals with full manufacturer’s guarantees, lists the prices of said stove inclusive of VAT (to prevent nasty surprises along the way), and offers completely secure online payments. Such is indicative of good sellers.

2- Check for Manager’s Specials

Manager’s Specials is a tradition which is fast fading through British retail. Whereas in the olden days, manager’s specials used to be either ex-display stock, unsold stock, or models which have been replaced by new, a surprising number of retailers no longer elect to give manager’s specials, and instead send unsold stock back. However, there are retailers out there that do. Manager’s Specials are absolutely nothing to shy away from – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with managers specials, and most are tested extensively before they are dispatched.

As you can see, there are options out there for those who seek a cheap wood burning stove, but don’t wish to take the gamble associated with off brand wood burning stoves. Hang in there are persevere, your dream (discounted!) stove is but a few clicks away!

3 – Check for Branded Stoves

There are a number of stove manufacturers which choose only to supply good retailers. Think about it – a bad customer experience with a retailer can often colour perceptions of the product itself, and so as you’re looking for a good stove retailer, you’ll also want to look for branded stoves. When you buy a branded, such as an Aarrow wood burning stove, a Charnwood wood burning stove or more, you know that you’re getting a full manufacturer’s guarantee too.