When we look at stoves, there are a few fantastic brands out there which can charm even the staunchest advocates of any of the other brands. For traditional yet contemporary wood burning stoves, ACR stoves are the choice of many – as they make stoves of all shapes and all sizes, which can be the perfect addition to any room, any situation and any home.

Whether you’re after a powerhouse of a stove that can heat your entire house, or you just want to make a small area comfy and cosy, then ACR have the perfect stove for you – and it doesn’t matter where you live. ACR are one of the very rare stove manufacturers that can boast that each and every stove in their gigantic range is DEFRA Approved, which means that buyers can choose a style that they absolutely adore, without having to compromise based on the rules and the regulations of where they live.

ACR Wood Burning Stoves are also manufactured from cast iron. The Oakdale, Ashdale and Rowandale models of ACR stoves were introduced back in 2014 and have been rather popular since, thanks to their sturdy construction and ACR’s level of attention to detail, which is so very important with stoves – since after all, they’re used to heating, but they’re far more of a part of the home than any radiator or boiler.

ACR seem to believe that the hearth should be the heart of every household, and their stoves have a variety of customisation options which include colour choices – which means that each and every one of their amazing stoves can truly fit your home. Of note is ACR’s high build quality. Cleanburn and Airwash technology is included as standard with every single one of these amazing stoves, which will allow an excellent view of your fire, and unparalleled efficiency in your burn – making your fuel last much, much longer.